About Us

 About Massage Gun Ultra

Massage Gun Ultra is an American manufacturer and marketer of deep tissue massage guns that tend to the consumers needs.

 Our Mission 

To design and implement high quality, and high grade advanced percussion therapy tools that are convenient, uncompromising and, most of all, effective in every sense of the way! Our goal is striving to bring the most innovative advanced form of massage and therapeutic technology right in the palm of your hands. Starting from pinpoint precision and molding the perfect tool for relieving stiffness, knots, and strains the future of recovery and optimal performance is here Our innovative percussion massage guns were designed by a team of leading physical therapists that have studied injury rehabilitation and injury and blood flow care for years to make it safe, yet effective. 

The Ultra Difference

Massage Gun Ultra strives for our customers, and works hard to ensure their complete satisfaction with ease and proficiency. Before, during, and after every sale, we will be there to answer any questions and to help you choose the best selection for your needs. Our FAQ menu is implemented for easy access to make it as convenient as possible to navigate through!